Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let Your Heart Be Light

Being married 20 years has it's up's and downs for sure.  Some up's are truly high...some low...but the funny, everyday things keep it light!

When we open our Christmas gifts, we open one at a time...to insure the full effect :)  After our son opened the first gift, it was my turn.  As I tore the paper, I said "Oops, this isn't" ...(Wink Wink) after stopping...I gave my husband his...and he tore the paper...(Wink Wink)...We had bought each other the Exact same gift! Yep, same exact color...from the same exact store...

The funny part..."Electric Magnifying Mirrors"... Hey, some times you just gotta laugh!

Happy New Year

Monday, December 19, 2011

As I walk through my neighborhood, and observe the gorgeous fall like day, I am reminded of so many days I had wished for the time to do just that! So many days spent working. Being responsible. Making a difference somehow. Not really paying enough attention to the obvious beauty. Oh, please don’t misunderstand me, I really loved working. I'm a type A first-born. I aimed to please with a cherry on top. But as life goes on, we learn, grow, develop and change. Our roots aren’t “recreated”, they just stretch out,  reaching for nourishing water. We become " Rooted and Grounded"

When I was told that "walking" my dog was now going to be a "goal" to reach, and my beloved Skiing was no longer on my "to do" list, I had to look at "walking" my dog differently.  I'm learning to look at "everything" differently!

So what does "walking" have to do with "roots"?...It's paying attention to things you usually miss. A Fall day in December... finding another way to make a difference, thinking about your "roots"... how they influence your life. Have you let them go off in another direction?  2012 is coming...give thought to 2011 and what you want to do differently next year!

Most times you'll find it comes back to your "roots"!  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bells On Bobtails Ring

Do you know what that phrase means... without cheating on google?  Well, don't feel bad,  I didn't really know either.  Evidently,  it refers to jingle bells tied into horses tails that had been specially braided. 
The jingle sound was to warn pedistrians of "on-coming" horse drawn sleighs...

I like the next line better..."Making Spirits Bright"...

Make Spirits Bright for someone this year!  Sometimes a visit or Phone call is just the right "ring"! :)
Jingle Jingle...

Hmmm...What Would Santa do?   

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Finest Gifts

When I was little, learning to play the piano was high on the list in our family.With three girls,
a lot of time and energy was spent in learning music. It wasn't just piano...guitar, flute and a host of percussion instruments were on our play lists:)  Throw in vocals and we created some Wonderful memories!  Especially Christmas memories!

What "Gifts" do yo you have hiding in a piano bench some where? When all the gifts are long forgotten...rich memories remain:)

My Mom always says..."Use them or Loose them... Ba rum pa pa pum!


Monday, December 5, 2011

"Red Carpet Ride"

Saturday Night is usually the preferred night of the week to schedule a special event...Most of the time, we
Americans look forward to the special date with great anticipation. We plan it weeks in advance or
longer, yet have trouble waiting in line at the grocery store. 
                                 But, when it comes to surprises...its a totally different song!

                                                    My husband Loves surprises!!!
                                  Saturday night he surprised me with a "Red Carpet Ride"
Orchestra pit seating, row 2, at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Complete with chauffeured service door to
door! He really Kardashian'ed it up!!!  Death by chocolate Good...and I hadn't even stepped out of the car!
                                  As our courtious driver opened my door, excitment filled the air.
                                    I had to check for Red Carpet...It was rolled out just for me!
The GLAM  begins to carry you as you make your way through the lobby and into the Main Theatre!    
Kindly the Usher say's "Please follow me"... we're walking...and we're walking...long isle...we're walking :)
                   We get to our seats, and WOW!!!   Soon the lights dim... "It's Christmas in Detroit"
        By now you must be thinking...Who's performing...?....Wait for it...:) Remember it's a Suprise!!!  
 Shook hands with one during first act, and the other in the second! It was like they were in my living room!
Their music is as different as "planned vs suprise"... "Country vs Rock n Roll"..
                                               Donnie and Marie - Christmas In Detroit!
           Thank you, Honey for rhe Awesome "Red Carpet Ride"!  First Class Just Like YOU!  

Friday, December 2, 2011

To E or Not to E ?

Holiday greetings...WHAT DO YOU THINK?  I'm pretty  "Old School" for the most part.  I like the hand written " greeting card! Just a little note inside, maybe a old fashioned school pic. For those who love to enclose the 3 page "how I spent my summer vacaa" letter, keep it short, we've seen it all on facebook! :)  But lest face it ... "It ain't happenen" for most of us. We love our "e-tools" too much to pick up a pen :)

Me? I think about to whom the greeting will be sent, then decide how to send it! 

No, nothing really takes the place of the hand written, Merry CHRISTmas!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Windows? Dressings or Blessings...Then and Now

We are updating our "home office".  I've been spending more time in there, and it needs a few things.  As I thought about what makes an office space comfortable, my thoughts naturally reviewed my "office" likes and dislikes list.

When I started a new position at the hospital in 2003, the little office I had been given came complete with all the standard "office" features! Computer, phone, work table and printer.  It had "puddy" beige walls,  nice chair, and a coat hook.  All pretty generic.  But... this little office had Location, Location, Location!  It was prime real estate for a position like mine...

Yep...this little office had an all coveted WINDOW!  Not just any window... It looked out on Biddle Ave.  And, I could even see my car from my desk most days.  Dudes...You don't just get a window if you arn't a Manager or more.  It was Huge! I thought, Wow, this is Great!

When stress levels would rise to "crazy",  we would agree...it could be worse..."at least, WE have windows!"  Even the statement would bring a calming effect!  It ranks right up there with the "I'm on vaaacation" chant! :)

So what about now?  The "home office"?  My husband said,"well, at least you have a window!"

 Wow...What a Blessing ... Then and now! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White Christmas Dreaming?

It seems that we all do a little Holiday Day Dreaming....

               Weather it's thoughts of Currier and Ives style, the roaring fire, Ginger bread baking,
                                                  Family gathering for another BIG meal!


               The New York "state of mind"! With visions of Rock-Center (as it's called now) The giant
                                               tree, and beautiful skaters twirling to Jingle Bell Rock...

        85 degrees, a light breeze blowing through the palms, warm sand, and Ohh, the waves...
                                                   SLAM THE FRONT DOOR...

         Flooded, Jobless, Homeless...Help someone out...bring them Hope bring some...

                                                        "White Christmas Dreaming"

                                                                                                                                 "loving your neighbor"

Monday, November 28, 2011

"Are you done yet?"

Well, the gun has officially fired, and the race has begun!  List checking has become the focal point! The feeling that some how "if we haven't started, then some how we've missed it!"...  Until next weeks specials!  I don't know about you, but I'm finding that I'm falling into my old  Holiday shopping pattern. Even though I think "this year, I'll start earlier!"   Duh, I say that every year!

 This year there are more people working "Christmas help" as a necessity...so be nice, Smile!
                  Shopping tip's List...
                         Organize your gift list,
                          Limit the number of purchases per trip,
                          Never shop hungry...you'll be cranky, impatient,
                                rendering you... unable to smile :)
                          Give up that parking space, your car doors will thank you!

 Smile, YOU look 10 years younger!  And people smile back...Enjoy CHRISTmas Shopping again!
     Sleigh Bells Ring...Are ya listening?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks with a greatful Heart

Here it comes...That dreaded question, "What are you thankful for this year?" Or, better put, "Whats better about your world?"  Well, for me it's the miracle of healing after a brain injury.  26mths ago my future looked bleak.  I am blessed with the  most awesome husband. And, although there are many " favorite things" I can no longer do...I AM able to walk, talk, eat , sign my name, and hunt and peck!  I can do the things we take for granted,  For these gifts I am truly Thankful and Grateful, filled with Hope... Happy Thanksgiving!
  Kiss and Hug those you Love

I can do all things through "Him" who gives me strength!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Do we really "get" THANKSGIVING Holiday anymore?  

 If you have elementary age kids , I'm sure you end up with an "extra helping" of the tradition!  But even then, we seem to blow right past it!  Lets face it, Pilgrims and Indians arn't "Tweeting" 
at the speed of NASCAR  :)  

 We are all planning our Black Friday excursions...or squeezing that all important Holiday flight home to Mom.s ...  Or...grocery shopping for the all important "Tom" (turkey that is)!!! ")

You may be in hard times, or maybe not,
 take time...no...make time... to prepare  your heart...to be TRULY THANKFUL ! 

(change your thinking...change your life)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pride N Joy

The Power of words...Mom would say...
      If you can't say something nice,.
            then don't say anything at all! 
How many times have we blurted out something only to beat ourselves up over it later.  If you are like me, I get excited about something, and I forget that..." I may not"  be the foremost authority on the topic! :)
I am the oldest of three girls, and Mom was famous for that line.  We would start arguing over something... usually clothes, bathroom time, or who's turn it was for dishes!  And incidentally, we grew up in Allen Park... with one...bathroom...my poor Dad!  But Mom really made sure we learned ...She made up a game...She used "JOY" dish soap. If we lost control of our (teenage) mouth, she say "that's a J'...then she'd say "you've got an O'...You get the picture...It didn't take long for us to swallow our pride and...
Bite our tongues :)   
                                  Happy Memories Mom!

Yellow peices of Paper

Here we go!!! Our coldest morning yet... I attended a "blogger fair" yesterday.  The "How To's" to set up and blog...Among many things, we talked the Power of words...Lets face it, most of us rattle off whatever thought comes to mind...OR...we Post and Tweet to our hearts content.  But, in reality we don't think before we vent...Everybody doesnt need or want to know every little detail..."Bore Bore Bore" (heehee)

I've tried to impress on my 17year old son..."its not always - what you say, - but, HOW you say it.  Choose your words carefully,  you may have to ask for the "Salt"...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

yellow pieces of paper

Well I bet you are wondering what "Yellow pieces of paper" are!!!  Over the years, working in a fast pace, high stress position, I found myself writing little reminder notes. You know, not just little things like..."don't forget Milk!...Diapers and wipes. But things like... "Less Coffee...More Water...   Walk More/Complain Less :)... Exercise your face...Smile!  Anyway,  my desk drawer always had sticky notes and a small note pad at my finger tips. 

Yep you guessed it ..."Yellow pieces of paper"!  

My encouragement arsenal began to grow, and I'm branching out!  Stick with me, I'm sure you'll read something that will ring your bell!