Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome Reminder of Hope

These beautiful Daffodils are one of the first flowers to "Spring" up... Is Hope "Springing up in You"?

When I wrote my profile, and
started blogging, I said I would
write more about life, and..."What do you want to do,
  when you grow up?"

Well, life after "stroke" doesn't
mean life is over for... It just means I have a "New Normal".  I lost some abilities...My hands don't function the balance isn't what it was...and if you look at my MRI...I should be bed bound and so much worse...

But God IS good and ...I'm doing what I couldn't find time to do before! I appreciate everyone so much more, and find love everywhere I look.

So when life gets you can't seem to find
hope...consider the things we usually take for granted...

Spring flowers are an Awesome Reminder of Hope!
 Psalm 42:11  Hope in God...
Isa 53:5  by his stripes we are healed...


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

go west young man?


Isn't that kinda of an "old school" battle cry? ...

"West is Best"...Historic route 66...

The Mother Road...The Great American Highway...

It was the first all-weather highway linking Chicago and Los Angeles spanning 7 states.

trail many have uncovered their motorcycles and
Vintage classics to drive all the way to "the end"...
It's pretty much a die-hard car guy thing...Most say It's the "only" way to really see the "country". There are all kinds of tour options to satisfy your "road trip" pangs!

I guess its a "joy in the journey" thing...not me... 
give me the car keys AFTER I get off the airplane :)

Santa Monica Pier

But... just what Will you
find once you reach the end?

Jesus said...
But the gateway to life is narrow and the road is difficult, and only few find it.
Matt 7:14

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Dream Thief?

Just "Daydreaming?"

I remember taking this picture of my son...

He is as deep in thought as the "Grand Canyon"!

When you "take in" its vast
expanse you can't help but dream... Humm...Where from here?

Time can be a "Dream Thief"...We start out with high hopes...and goals..."Dreams"...If we aren't careful we find ourselves looking back "Daydreaming" about them.

No, God put a special dream in each one of us, and If you have looked around and thought...Did I miss it? Or, it's too late for me...Think again...It's never too late!

Go ask God to "wake up" that dream he put in You!

There's really no such thing as a Dream Thief :)
Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure it out on your own.Listen for Gods voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he's the one who'll keep you on track.  Prov 3:5

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Look for the Good ?"

We all go through them!  Times when something "negative" will be...IN YOUR FACE!

Most everything else can be going along ok,  but that "Thing" just won't leave you alone...

It can be a change in policy at work that seems crazy...a co-workers "always late" work ethic, a friends attitude...or someone just stirring the pot!

What do you do?...Well... don't say something you'll regret...and DON'T put it on fb...

Look for the "good"...follow "make nice" rules your Mom taught you!...
             Things will change...they always do! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Whats on YOUR kitchen counter?

Whats on your Kitchen Counter?  Do you need to make an appointment to find usable space?  Is it "command central"? 

Everything from Laptop to office supplies...School Newsletter to Work schedule and Scrapbooking crafts...Do you have to clear a space to bake something or even start dinner? 

What on the Kitchen counter or your heart?   Whats in the way of your peace? What is cluttering your mind?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Pushs Your Thrill Button?

Zip Lines...The latest Thrill...

I so love trying anything like this! Just the anticipation as you "suit up" adds to the excitement! I guess you can say this speaks to my "Dare Devil" side.  No Fear Here! :)

These pic's are of my husband and our son "zipping" along...And of course... if I'm taking the pic... I'm on the ground!  I had to persuade them...almost twist their arm to convince them to... "Go have Fun"!  I guess it's the heights thing!    I'll never get that!

As I look at these pic's, I remember para-sailing ...IT'S pretty amazing!
Sailing  700 ft above "gorgeous" Grand Traverse Bay! Turning upside down, trailing my fingers in the water as the boat driver slowed to the let the sail come down ...just far enough! Awesome!

My life is different now...But I Thank God daily that He preserved the memories of my "Thrill Days"...I re-live them when ever...and often.  HIS loving kindness AMAZING!

So what pushes your "Thrill Button?"

All that thrills my soul is Jesus                                                                                                                 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Less is More

Well it's Monday again...

If you're like me, I'm

starting again!  Spring is

"Springing" and I'm trying

to Keep on track...

More:  Water

Less:   Calories

Strengthen your resolve and do what must be done ...:)
   2 Sam 4:6

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Always Something

Wow...what a difference a day makes...This wind won't let up! But fret

not...Spring really is coming...Keep thinking...One more day!

It's always that way when you are waiting for something! You have a

grand anticipation!  You just can't seem to wait. Thats whats really cool 

about our four seasons.  Right now we want spring...but just a week or 

two ago, we longed for snow!  With Michigan weather there's always

something to talk about.

If you haven't seen your neighbor next door in a "season", or maybe

you've never really met them...take a moment ...say Hello...something

can always hold you back...don't let it be the weather!

                                   In Everything there is a season!

Midnight Sat Spring Forward...At Last

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Mackinaw Island 2011
Yesterday, being "Super Tuesday" caused us to, at least look...

 at the prinary election results..

Even if we aren't interested,  we can't avoid it unless we live under a Boulder!

No matter which candidate we like or dislike...No matter which party to which we claim

allegiance...No matter Who ends up in the White House in January...

 "America Screams... If my people will"...

"Stop stealing my dignity"..."Stop raping my genorosity"..."Stop ignoring my pain"...

"God whispers...If my people will"...

"Humble themselves, pray, seek me, and turn from wicked ways...I will hear from

Heaven, forgive their sins, and RESTORE their land"!

Monday, March 5, 2012


When we let our lives become cluttered...
And we seem to loose a sense of "calm"...

Take a family break...

Check out ALL those family pic's in our hard-drives!
Take a trip down memory lane,
Make a phone call...
Book a flight :)

"But, I haven't spoken to that one in Twenty years!"
What are you waiting for...

Honor your Father and Mother, so you will live long... 
Ex 20:12
If they're gone, share they're memory with someone today!

Sunday, March 4, 2012



Phoenix International Raceway

I love NASCAR!
All my friends said...really?
I say...
The thunder, the excitement, the emotion!
Danger, risk, team work,
Whats not to love!

13 sec pit stops...
calculating fuel...

More fans than the NFL and OH the Fly-overs...

The only professional sport where prayer is offered before each race!...just sayin :)


Friday, March 2, 2012

Day Dream Believing

Wow...Nothing says Spring like this Daisy...

Actually I think these bloom in early summer, but we can daydream a little!

If you're still struggling with the winter blues, just float a little an a springtime memory!

Or...Call your favorite Cruise Line...
umm...Maybe not...

What ever the weather, where ever you are
this pic should bring a smile!

Think Less...Thank More...
It could Always be worse! :)

Do something nice for someone today!   Ya just never know!