Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Thumb?

It's May...Almost...

And Mothers Day month...The month when "they" say it's finally okay to put our flowers in..."Remember to prepare the soil first".."they" say...

I'm inclined to listen to the "Green Thumb" types since mine are any color but :)

In May we rake the grass and spread seed...clear out the leaves from the flower beds...and use concoctions to keep control of the weeds that can so easily "take over" our beautiful yards and flowers.

As we work in our yards and gardens this season...
consider the weeds in our lives...God hates them as much as we hate the Dandelions...The wind blows the cotton tops off and in a blink...they are wildly out of, what's growing in your backyard?

Pluck em out...and give em to God...He's got the "green thumb" thing all figured out!

    those who plant injustice 
will harvest disaster Prov 22:8

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Penguins in the Sand

We "love" those "Snowbirds"!
Usually we think of them as the "Lucky Ducks" who fly south to escape the long winter...Usually they are the "Adults" of our species that finally have the time and resources to just that...

These two look like they are totally enjoying life!
The fact is...these are African penguins...this is their normal environment...again with the...Lucky Ducks :)

Are we "enjoying" our normal environment? Are the cares of your life weighing you down? 

Shake off the sand from "your" feet...
Look for the good...and remember your not alone!
Seek Him while he may be found

cast all your care...
  for He cares for you!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Relax Chill Rely?

Control issues:  We all struggle with them...

When we go through a traumatic event in our lives, we find out how much "control" we really don't have's lost or stolen away...It could be a job loss...relationship ending...end of life of a loved one...

But when the emotional roller coaster comes to a "complete stop" and you realize life is still "live" ask yourself..."now what?"

When I suffered multiple loss meter went "Off the charts"...I had no control over anything! I couldn't sign my name, style my hair or brush teeth just to name a few. I lost my job and personal way of life...But God gave excellerated healing...a special sister...and my Wonderful husband..."The best man walking!"

Recently I gave a "talk" about my story of healing and hope...and the "why" I blog :)
You can click the link below to see the video if you like...

If you are hurting over loss of control in your life...I encourage you to "Relax Chill & "Rely"
Easier said than done? YEP it is! But take a deep breath...
Relax... coz,
you are where you are... you just had a massage...and Rely...on the people God put in your life...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What can I do for YOU today?

Lets face it.  Working with people is a fact of life!
Wether it's on your job,
or picking up items at the store, we engage with people all the time...

But most of us are either too busy or distracted to think about anything else but our agenda...We are thinking of our troubles, schedules, relationships, and on and on...

So...1) take a moment today to...think of just one person around you that you usually politely ignore... Then...

Yes...2) it requires effort...but a smile, or a sincere compliment, or just refilling their coffee for them could turn their whole day around!...But you's just not my nature or, I just can't spare another minuet...

Well...3) think about how good you feel when someone says...
            "What can I do for YOU today?"

    And the King will say...I'm telling the solemn truth...Whenever you do these things to someone over looked or ignored, you did it to ME...Matt 25:40    

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Becomes Much

Arizona Barrel Cactus Bloom

Even in the harsh desert conditions... where the suns scorch
causes the mercury to climb...nature amazes!
In our fast paced world of electronic connection's...spring break gives us a time to refresh and recharge...and reflect on the beauty we usually fly by...if we pay attention!

The desert and parched land will be will burst into Bloom! ...Little becomes much in the Father's Hands...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whats YOUR Style?

 Everyone has a preference!
As different a whats in the cup!

If you look in every Coffee cupboard,
in every coffee room, in every work place across America...

In every Office, every School, Church,
Hospital, Garage, Lunch Box and Limo...

You WILL find the same thing!

A wide variety of vessels...

We promote everything!
From our favorite our personal style!

No matter how you like your morning mo-jo...what you drink it out of is just as different!  But is it?

If you think about matter the size shape or matter the logo or player number, its purpose is the dispense whats inside the cup!

Zest for life or Doom and gloom?

So whats in your cup?

Jesus said I set before you Life and Death...Choose Life!
      My cup over-flows