Friday, January 27, 2012

Featherd Friends

January is topically a "clean up" month..."when in doubt...throw it out"!

Well in the midst of it all, I find

myself thinking about the unusual winter weather!  One minuet it's typical January...

the next it's so "Spring-like"... I wonder how the birds keep it all straight :)

I don't know about you, but ...It's way  too early for "Spring-fever"!

Anyway, no matter how crazy the weather,

or how crazy your life...

Sing like the Birds
His eye is one the sparrow ...And I Know He watches Me!

Matt 6:26

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gentle And Strong!

My natural gift is to Encourage!...Lift spirits...and give you something to ponder!  I would jot down notes that related to things I was learning about, and post it on my cubicle wall at work.  It started as a reminder to myself!  But then, my co-workers began to ask questions, chime in their thoughts and opinions, and tell me how they were..."Encouraged"!   Or not...
Gee, sound familiar? ...

Blogging...Not exactly the same...but...Not that much different! 

Anyway, in the middle of each month this year, I'll post a
"Yellow Pieces" original.  Yes, each one really was posted in my work space!

So here's the "Piece"  for this month!

....How can  I... "Be a...  Lamb with a Lions Heart...

     When you think of a Lamb, usually you think...meek, mild,  non-threatening..
         and a Lion...Iconic strength...King of the jungle...Courageous!

I remember studying about loving your neighbor, even when it goes against your grain!.  Even when it seems like an impossibility! How can I love others like a a Lion!

  First ) Love the Lord God with all your Heart...Soul and Mind...
  Second) And Love Your Neighbor as Yourself!

                                                Without the first ... the second is impossible !
         ...Gentle and Strong!...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My "Jubilee" year, was an awesome celebration all year long! I could hardly believe It!  "I made it!!!"
Some... stumble over that "certain age" milestone...But my awesome husband put the icing on the cake!

                          My husband loves surprises! It's truly his love language!

He searched Hi and Low, Far and Wide for this one!   Since it was at the end of the season, there weren't many available!... But... it Had to be just perfect! ..."It's only one on the entire East Coast!"    

He planned it perfectly.... He had it delivered while I was away, so it was waiting for me when I got home!

Now, the sign of a true surpriser they hold the surprise till just the right moment, without letting on!
  Well...this one...He's the Master!!!  I had no clue!!!  And on top of it, he wasn't there when I opened It!

As I drove up to our house, and hit the garage opener...

It's my absolute favorite! :)

Just yesterday, the time had come!   I had to "Let Go" of the Wonderful gift!...  My Beloved Ford Mustang, had absolutely everything I wanted in a "Keeper" car!  It was a 6cyl ...Stick ...and Bright Red!  My plan was to be driving it till the day I die...I had a BLAST driving it! 

In my post stroke condition, I'm still here, Happy and Grateful... but it's time...  Gotta Love the Pic's!!! 

                                                                  Hold  on Loosely....If you cling to tightly....

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Taken on Mackinaw Island

My husband and I went out for dinner the other night, to well known restaurant in town. And, since my brain injury, I sometimes have trouble moving easily in crowded places... My husband lovingly calls me "Seabiscuit" because sometimes "it just happens"! I'll lift my leg several times (like a horse) before I can actually get my body to move the way I want it to...
 Anyway, you know the drill... We give the Hostess our name and wait to be seated...It was a Fri. night and pretty busy... People are coming and going...and when the "beeper" goes off...Of course, I follow the young Lady to the table.  She politely pulls the chair out for me and puts the menues on the table!  And as I attempt to sit down...It legs starts... and you'll not believe what happened next!  This polite, Young Hostess, "Bless her Heart" observes me kinda stomping my foot and she says...

not even in a whisper...

"YOU Gotta P..."?  Well, I didn't then... but we laughed so much... I do every time we tell the story!

Oh, and  I'll give you one guess where my Hubby was ... 

A hardy laugh does a heart good like medicine! :) 

Taken on Santa Monica Pier


Monday, January 9, 2012

What are you holding on to?

Well the New Year has arrived! And everybody'S trying to jump on the "Get Organized" bus! :) I just got a new desk for my home office, and the game of "keep or toss" has begun... It's not like I'm a total messy... I just need to do it.  Just like with clothes..."if you haven't worn it in more than a year"...

Anyway, in going through some of my notes...(Yellow Pieces of Paper)...I came across this one. 

                   LET GO OF PERFECTIONISM AND
                       FRUSTRATION WILL GO

Perfect is unatainable...Don't let it fool you and rule you!:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let the Editing Begin

I'm having a "Love-Hate" affair with technology!  I love the convenience of my "Smart phone"! Everything at my finger tips is really awesome!  Google is really my friend!  :) Although I've had my cell for a while, but now I'm really "hooked"!

Immediate communication is a love love love. Texting is really my favorite, but FaceBook is eveyones 'go-to"! 

My phone has become my "go-to" camara too.  I'm find myself thinking, "No Worries"  "its in there"...Oh...I look in my phone first! 

Untill...I decided to move my pics to my desk-top for "safe" keeping!...WOW let the sorting and editing begin! 

My resolution...Get more tech savvy in 2012!

Happy New Year!