Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Worry Wart?


As comforting as this awesome Rocker...Worry can be your "go to" escape! 

Almost a retreat!  We seem to "worry" about everything!  But one minuet of worry will not

change the "thing" on which you  are spending so much energy! 

We Rock and rock...but the babies are long grown!

Rocking really gets you nowhere!

So whats the answer?  Pharmaceuticals...not really!

Faith is believing in the positive's result peace.

We have the ability to stop worry...even when your teenager is out with the car on Fri night. 

Yep, its possible!  If you have looked around to find peace...Look up!

     Don't be anxious... Present your trouble with thanksgiving to God.  And His peace which

                          transcends understanding will guard you in Christ.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Yellow Pieces of Paper: Lovely is as Lovely Does

Yellow Pieces of Paper: Lovely is as Lovely Does: Well the month of celebrating love is just about over...But don't let it stop you from demonstrating love in your everyday life. Sh...

Lovely is as Lovely Does

Well the month of celebrating love is just about over...But don't let it stop you from demonstrating love in your everyday life.

Show love in the way you treat people... think about the little ways we judge people.  That's a good place to start!  Many times an encouraging smile and sincere compliment might be all it takes to lift someones day.

You never know what people are going through!

When we focus a little more on others, a surprising change begins!
Suddenly, "WE" feel better...lovely is as lovely does!

"Leap" into spring planting season...

Hey Mi and  Az...don't forget to vote Tues...:)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Out of the Heart...

Have you ever said something...and thought Ooops..."Did I really say that?"

Whats really on your mind?  If you are thinking about something sarcastic...

or something that hurt you, or made you angry and disrespected?...

It's bound to come out sooner or later!  And...Always at the wrong time...We've all done it!  It's so what's the remedy?

             Change how you think...and maybe less coffee?  :)
                                         Negitave or Positive,

Words stir your thinking...Thinking determine feelings/emotions...

Emotions influence decisions...decisions decide actions/habits...

Habits shape character...Your character will reveal your destiny.

             Change your thinking...Change your life

What ever is true, just, nobel, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious,the best-not the worst, lovely, positive report, of virtue or worthy of praise...meditate on these things...                            

                      "Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaks"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Me...Forgive Them...?

Forgive “THEM”…after what “They did to ME !
         You’ve Got to be kidding me!!!

I heard that so many time’s when friend’s saw my “Yellow” reminder tacked up in my cubicle!
Yes really!?! But they said horrible things about me! They stole my lunch…
They opened their car door into mine On Purpose…
It gets worse - we don’t have to mention them…
            you get the picture!
When we focus on the “pain” of the offence…We hold on to negative attachment to that person.
            As your Mom said…You get sour!

When we forgive, we become free of “that” weight of offence…if we don’t then we become spoiled…easily offended! 

Forgiving is the best thing you can do for "Yourself"!

Forgive…you’ll be forgiven...
Luke 6:36-38

Friday, February 10, 2012

How Deep

Remember the 70;s hit...

Oouuuu....How Deep Is Your Love...
Well...After 20yrs of marriage, we have been on a "great journey"...As I think back on Valentine Day Celebrations, some were quiet,
   some were busy and
        cluttered with everyday life!
There were times one or both of us were working. Times when our Son's schedule took  priority!

Many celebrations were not even in February!     
  So many expressions of LOVE sprinkled through out life.

Romantic times...Dinner over-looking beautiful Grand Traverse Bay,
Weekend in Niagara Falls,  a lunch date with Charlevoix views!  Awesome
Sleigh Ride in Northern Mi...

After my my strokes...I see Love, in something as simple as...zipping my coat!
We were out to get a watch battery...(my brain doesn't work well in crowds)
and after waiting for the repair, we turned to leave.  I struggled to zip my 
coat.  The more I struggled, the harder it became... Then my Wonderful husband, without missing a down on one knee, took my hand, and softly said...
                         "It's Ok"...and zipped my coat!

                                                     "How Deep is Your Love"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not Just for Golf Anymore

If you have ever driven a golf cart you know how much fun they are!   But you also know that they are not the preferred mode of transportation if you are in a hurry...

They're not just for golf anymore:)  Everybody seems to be "Hopping On"...

No matter if they are gas or electric, the top speed is "maybe" 25mph!...You can put the petal to the metal but no matter what 25 is the max!

The little motor has a "governor" which holds the speed! Even when you are going down hill...geez...26mph...maybe! :)

But...that's part of the really slow down...and relax!

So often, the things "on our mind" need a change...not just a break!
When we rest our thoughts...think about positive things...daily...we'll keep the speed down...under control!

So...what's "governing" your thoughts?  Worry?  Defeat?  Despair?
              Replace those thoughts with...Hope!  Victory!  Joy!

                          Believe them...Speak them...Live them

One thing about these little golf cart motors...they keep running...and running

                                  ... and running...

Psalm 145:18

Thursday, February 2, 2012


February is the month Love is Celebrated…We think about our Spouse…Sweetheart…the love our life…
Then, we look around us and see how twisted “today’s” meaning of love has become. Marriages are “given up on”…yep when it gets hard, people just give up! Others are just giving up on even the thought of “marriage”…they say who needs it!
And of course, there are many different kinds of love that don’t fall under “Cupids” spell…
We love our Children, our parents, family and friends…each deeply and differently!
One thing I think we tend to gloss over is that, no matter how often we say “I LOVE YOU”…if we don’t think of love as a VERB...We aren’t really loving…
Remember the old saying…”Actions speak louder than words”?
Its active demonstration without ulterior motives…It’s thinking of the other person as more valuable to you than ..."What have you done for me lately".

Take a moment to think about really showing love, before the Valentines Day Celeb…
It will make all the difference…PS don’t forget the card J
Faith Hope and Love …but the Greatest of theses is LOVE!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Solid as a Rock


Mountains:  A Journey or an Obstacle

Sometimes a Mountain is referred to as an Obstacle!  Something to get over, or go around!  Something in your way, preventing you from moving forward!

Have you ever been up against a turning point or fork in the road?  A decision to follow something in you…your destiny or calling, or something you know you have to do!


It’s easy to look at it as a gigantic under-taking…something over whelming.., maybe unattainable or impossible!  Like The Hoover thats GIGANTIC!

It could be loosing weight, or getting in shape.  Or, going back to school to finish something you started…It could be starting a business, writing a book or anything you have put off…The Dream you never really attempted!

                 Well, let me encourage you to look at it differently!

If you talk to a “Mountain climber”, you’ll hear quite a story of doubt, fear, then... confidence…then more doubt…But…as he see’s the summit, no matter how high or how distant, his confidence is renewed!  How does he think...

1.     No murmuring  and complaining…(speaking the negatives of the journey to yourself and others)
2.     Increase positive thoughts… Be thankful for what you have, Keep focused on the goal…relax you’ll get there.
3.     Speak Gods words about you and your goal… words are more powerful that you think!  He say's "You are Awesome"..."You are Strong"..."I've got your back"!

Keep it Simple:  Return to a thankful heart!  Demonstrate thankfulness.  Don’t be affraid to live out a servant’s attitude.  Make others needs a priority.  Your personal needs will be met. Try it… God says…He knows all your needs, and He has plans to promote you and not harm you!

Take one step at a time…then another…looking to God for strength and guidance.  If you tried before and failed… Never stop trying.  You’ll get a different perspective when you seek Him... He's the ROCK !

Taken at The Hoover Dam!  2011
My Anchor Holds