Monday, July 30, 2012

In a Blink

The beginning of
the day for some,
is the absolute best. 
They can't think
of any other time they
like more.
Everything is's a brand new day!
For others the evening  really is the most
enjoyable!  Day is done
and the task list is complete. Time to relax.

Morning or evening
Summer is fleeting, so capture it's allure ...
thank you for this day oh Lord
                                                              a soon!

God's Glory is on tour in our skies, his craft on exhibit across the horizon. Pslm 19:2

Monday, July 16, 2012

How Important is it ...Really!

What nags and snags You?   

Is it a website, facebook or twitter?  Maybe a certain routine or pattern..."words with friends"...maybe your favorite "old-school" soap or TV show...

Mine is a made-bed, a sparkling sink, and "everything in it's place...OK...some web time too.

But usually, we put off doing a task or project in favor of that "thing"..."calling your name".

Anyway what ever the distractions, we all have them...
but if they begin to snag too much time, and nag at your schedule..."How important is it?  Really! :)

What's capturing your attention?

mat 6:33

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sky's the Limit!

What really motivates you...children, spouse, career?  What about Purpose...or dream? 

Have you found it or embraced it? Or, is it on a shelf somewhere?  If you haven't thought about it lately, I hope you become movated to believe it's possible to make it happen!

As you contemplate, decide to remain steadfastly positive!  Negative thinking just leads to more negative thinking!

You are well equiped to venture step at a time!

The Sky's the limit!

A future full of hope!
Jer 29:11a


Monday, July 9, 2012

Crown Jewel

If you love Michigan, you no doubt know that The Grand Hotel on Historic Mackinaw Island is celebrating its 125th Birthday!
It opened July 10th 1887.  Wow!

Each time I visit the island, I come away with a feeling of fantasy...the history of a time I can only imagine.

The clip-clop of horse hoofs,
The busy streets and boat whistles.
You can almost see the debutante's of the past disembark the ferry boats and step into their waiting carriages.

The quiet calm of the straits, The view of the Bridge,

The gracious Grand Hotel stands, offering it's beauty and secrets to Mackinaw Island... the Crown Jewel of our State...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Truly Priviledged


TRULY Proud Americans...
And we love to play and bask in vacation mode! Escaping the daily work-a-day routine! 
Thoughts of capturing the tranquility of our favorite summer playground, soothe us as we soak up as much sunshine as we possibly can!

We play in freedom without fear...
Remembering summers gone by!

As our flag shields our freedom, our Service men and women shield our flag! 

Remember them, Thank them,
Pray for them!  Teach our kids to do the same.
                Happy Birthday!

 nation, under God...
    indivisable, with liberty and justice
                          for All...
                                                TRULY  Priviledged