Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Because Things Change

Welcoming in a new year can conjure up feelings of anticipation and excitement, or not. :(

As we walk out our daily routines, our comfort generally depends on consistency and security.  And, if we live life on a positive track, we press forward with strength.

But when we walk with defeat, we hold hands with it, and we struggle.

Anticipating life like you do while planning a vacation or a special event,
 can be fleeting...

So, if life isn't what it was, what you expected, or what you want, take inventory.

What are the constants in your life? The secure things?

Change what you dwell on, think about, and dream about.

Lick your wounds, Love yourself again, and begin to move forward, you'll soon be surprised....

Because things change...

                                       Luke 2:   And it came to pass............

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