Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Make Time?

 It's so precious, fleeting, and valuable!

We all seem to say, "I don't have time".  Yet we all, no matter our station in life, have the exact same number of hours in each day.

We all seem to say, "I'm just so busy".  Yet the last time I checked,  we each make our own schedules and decisions on how we use, spend and save time.

Recently, a forward thinking company generously gave their employees 10  consecutive weeks off work with pay...to do all the things they didn't usually have time for. 

When everyone returned to work, each reported the things which encouraged time management and added value to their lives.  Many spent quality time with their family's.  Others reported charity projects that had long been neglected. But the common thread?  The renewed awareness of postponed dream's and wasted era's in our lives.  The result?  Refreshed outlook!  Most are enjoying the benefits of living definitely...purposefully.

We don't usually get such generosity from our employer's,  but "mercy" comes fresh each morning!

From the fireworks display, to the setting suns beauty, life passes far to quickly. Get creative, re-arrange your calendar.  Make time to do LIFE!

Eccl 3 For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

:12 rejoice and do good in this life

Be thankful for every moment!

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