Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Are you truly about 
others when you greet them?
Or does it give you a narci twinge...
when they pinch"your" social cheeks!

Some of us just by-pass a few of those who adore us, almost with abandon.
During this Holiday season we will be greeting those that may not be our favorite friends
or family.  As easy as it may be to hurry by, consider a tender thought.

If its out of your comfort zone...just relax, look at that Auntie, God-parent or family friend in the eye and spend an extra few moments with them.  For some of us, the effort will be significantly more than just crossing the room to talk with someone. It may mean allowing water to pass under a bridge... For others it may be demonstrating the "kindness" of holding their hand, even though they hurt you before...as you listen to their well wish's and maybe...a few woes. But what ever the jesture, if you will open your heart, you will come away with a spirit lifted and joy given!  And an attitude prepared for something new, different!  Coming away knowing you have found... "what's in it for me"!

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